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How to change the height on the main home page slider?

I want to reduce the height of the home page slider to make room for a logo slider for our partners.

Please advise how to do this and then also where I can place my logo slider code in order  to have it right below the main slider.

Thank you.


  • Hello,

    Please send us your site URL so that we see your site and understand what you actually need, then guide you with perfect solutions. 



  • Hello,

    We checked your site, so to reduce the RS slider height. Just go to Admin > Appearance > Revolution Slider and click on the slider name eg (Homepage Slider) and then change the Height of the slider from Layers Grid Size > Grid Height box. See screenshot on below link:

    For the logo slider of your partners. Have you created new slide in Revolution Slider or you have created your partners logo as Client Logos ?

    If its Revolution slider  > 

    Then just edit your home page and at the top of the page add Revolution Slider element and select client slide in it and your partners logo will come right below the main slider. 

    If you have set partners via Client Logo > 

    Then just edit your home page and at the top of the page add Kreatiue Clients Logo box element and your partners logo will come right below the main slider. 


  • Ankit,

    Thank you.

    I am using a 3rd party widget for my logo slider called Best Logo Slider Pro.
    I will need to place their widget code somewhere in the home page code. I want it to be just below the home page slider.

    Please let me know where I can place this widget code.

    Thank you.

  • Ankit,

    One other thing. I think you are suggesting the wrong modification. My site is using  "Slides" for the home page slider. I do not see an active revolution slider group called (Homepage Slider) for the top image slider on the home page and I see my images located in the "Slides" menu not the Revolution Slider menu.


  • Hello,

    About the slider height, we checked this there is no direct option to set the height of the slider form Slides section. But we'd recommend you to use 1600 X 540 size images in your slider as this size is regular HD size and your slider should not look as long like it currently is. Currently on your site you are using 1024 x 506 size images. 

    About the best logo slider for your clients. 

    We checked and found that you have already set it right below the main slider. So it look like you found the solution for this. 

    If you any query then let us know. 


  • Ankit,

    Yes, I figured out how to put my logo slider widget on the page. Thanks.

    but I would still like to know how to re-size the slider at the top of the home page. It appears that it simply uses the 100% of the height of the viewable screen on the browser. I would like to make this more like 80% so the logo slider is viewable on the screen as well.

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