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Menu/portfolio Customization For Novice


I purchased the Cleanbiz theme and would like to complement you on a great theme. It's very nice and I love it. However, some of the customization is driving me nuts, and I am a novice at building websites, coding, etc., to say the least. I understand how to work most aspects of the theme, but my business is not "portfolio" related. Here are the issues I'm having:

1.) I have changed the "portfolio" section to "Solutions" which is "industry specific". At the bottom of each individual portfolio page it has a "recent work" gallery. I would like to change this title to "Other Industries" or something to that effect. I'd also like to be able to change the permalink to state "industry" instead of "projects". 

2.) While the services section options are nice a look appealing, when you click on "view more" or any services page, it displays the page in blog post format which makes no sense for a "services" page. I'm not sure why this was done as the default and I've been unable to figure out a resolution other than to remove the "view more" button.

3.) Ideally I would love to have two menu sections "services" and "solutions" that both follow the portfolio format (with the changes mentioned in #1). 

If someone could let me know if these changes are possible, it would be a huge help. 

Thank you


  • Hello,

    Here are our reply on each point. 

    1) You can change the Recent Work at the bottom of the single portfolio page by adding custom JS code. There is no direct option to do this. So just paste this code in Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Custom Code > JS Code box. 

    jQuery( document ).ready(function() {
      jQuery( ".sc-projects-title" ).text("Other Industries");

    To change the permalink slug of the portfolio items. No this is not possible. 

    2) The services single page was meant to be displayed like a blog post format. So we cannot change it. This is customized work and we don't provide customized support. You must do it yourself or hire a developer who can do this for your. 

    3) We are not quite sure what you need in your point no 3. Please provide describe more on this. So that we can guide you with perfect solutions.  


  • Thanks so much Ankit. The JS code worked perfectly. No worries on question 3. I've made it work.

    Thanks again!
  • Hello,

    Glad to hear you found your solutions. 

    We are closing this discussion now. Feel free to open new discussion for any query. 

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